Egyptian Nationalism 1919

Topics: Egypt, Egyptians, British Empire Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Salma El Azhary
Modern World Historyll Sec#6
Mr. Glavanis
January 7, 2013

Factors Leading Up To Egyptian Nationalism in 1919

In 1882, Egypt was conquered by the British, who declared their stay in order to protect the Suez Canal and prevent the Egyptians from building fortifications. Although it was supposed to be a short-term occupation of Egypt, the British remained until 1956. This terribly angered the Egyptians, who demanded independence. The Egyptians were mistreated, forced to fight for the British army, and rejected at peace conferences asking for their independence, which is why all these events sparked up violent nationalist movements, and finally led to the Egyptian revolution of 1919 led by Saad Zaghloul. The 1919 revolution was the third revolution in the history of modern Egypt. This revolution was considered to be an effective one, as the Egyptian citizens were all allied together in rejecting the regime they were governed with. The British had entered in Egypt’s affairs, Egypt received no help whatsoever from foreign countries such as France, violent massacres occurred, and Egypt was not accepted to be a member of the Paris Peace Conference.  All these events led to Egyptian nationalism, which is “the doctrine that one’s national culture and interests are superior to any other.”

In the year 1882, the British started to enter in Egypt’s affairs. Although the Egyptians would work on the farms for many hours and days, all the farming and agricultural products/harvests would go the British’s Benefits. Over a million and half people were forced into labor corporations, forced to work 60-80 hours a week, and not even paid a worthy amount of money. The most crop grown in Egypt was cotton. The British took ¾ of Egypt’s cotton and used it for their own benefit, getting all the mass income. As a result of taking all their agricultural harvests, Egypt was left at poverty. The farmers and countryside villagers were left with no money, and little...
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