Egyptian Food and Mythology

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian cuisine Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Typical Egyptian food is cheap, varied and plentiful.
Accommodates the vegetarian, the vegan and the carnivore alike. Egyptian food is similar to that of other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries but with a few twists and delicacies that you won’t find elsewhere. Some traditional dishes

1) Tahini - Vegetarian
2) Hummus - Vegetarian
3) Baba Ganouche - Vegetarian
Other Snacks
1) Falafel / Tamaaya - Vegetarian
2) Foul Mudammas (Beans) - Vegetarian
Main Courses
1) Mixed Grill
2) Seafood
3) Kosheri - Vegetarian

Egyptian mythology has long been revered as the link between ancient lore, religion and ritual practices that have influenced countless civilizations that followed. Their deities were personifications of animals both feared and respected. For instance, Sobek, referred to as the “Lord of the Nile” was patterned after the crocodile and was known to be the one that not just snatches life away, but also offers rebirth and protects the dead in the afterlife. Another myth states that “The strength and speed of the crocodile was thought to be symbolic of the power of the Pharaoh, and the word "sovereign" was written with the hieroglyph of a crocodile. It was thought that Sobek could protect the Pharaoh from dark magic.” The ancient Egyptians mummified crocodiles, placing them in the tombs of the pharaohs in the pyramids to safeguard their bodies. They drew hieroglyphics of crocodiles at entrances that promised death to trespassers. Sobek was also worshipped as the God of the annual flood, as well as the eventual rebirth of the land, and its subsequent fertility. During the 1950’s there was a rush of big game hunters seeking crocodiles of the Nile as treasures, but it has since been made illegal. Nowadays crocodiles are a sacred and rare animal and you can find statues in the marketplaces, hanging up in restaurants, but sadly, never in the Nile River.
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