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Egyptian Era

By | March 2010
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Egyptian Era
The Egyptian Era consisted of many different events, inventions and famous people. The first popular character in Egyptian history is King Narmer, who was an Egyptian Pharaoh that ruled in the 31st century BC. Narmer is considered to be the unifier of the northern and southern part of Egypt and founder of the First dynasty. This is why he is known as the official first king of Egypt. Discovered in 1898, the famous Narmer Palette shows both Upper and Lower Egypt, which proves the theory that he unified the two kingdoms in the 31st century. Another important character in the Egyptian Era is Djoser, otherwise known as Netjerikhet, who lived in the Third Dynasty (2686-2613 B.C.), was born in 2667 B.C. and died in 2648 B. C. He was the best-known pharaoh in the Third Dynasty and a pyramid was built by his architect Imhotep in honour of Djoser, which was the first of the pyramids, called a step-pyramid. This still exists and is known as the oldest stone building in Egypt, and a monument to Djoser was found on the inside, near his tomb. Djoser dispatched military expeditions to the Sinai Peninsula, and subdued locals, mainly to mine for turquoise and copper. Khufu is one other person who is very important in the Egyptian Era, especially the Fourth Dynasty. Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Second Dynasty and is considered the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. Khufu is remembered in scriptures as a cruel and ruthless pharaoh who forced labour upon those building the pyramid, which is the opposite of how his father was. Having the largest structure in his honour, it’s ironic that the only monument other than the pyramid that was found is a 3-inch model of him, which is located in the museum of Giza. Khafra is one of the main pharaohs in the Fourth Dynasty. He is the successor of the son of Khufu, named Djedafra. Khafra is thought to have built the second biggest pyramid at Giza, the Sphinx and the only surviving temple from the Fourth...

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