Egyptian Art

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Children of the Deceased (detail of a limestone relief). Tomb of Ramose in Thebes. 1375 B.C. Many students find ancient Egypt a fascinating subject, and so do I. This is why I have provided some additional information in this guide. The last pages are offered for extra learning.


In contrast to the diversity of the Near East region, the Egyptians created a remarkably stable civilization that endured without major changes for some three thousand years.

What land is called the Fertile Crescent? - *Mesopotamian__ What area is called the Fertile Ribbon? - *_Egypt_

Why fertile? Because the land of Egypt had been enriched by the Nile’s annual floods. Its agriculture critically depended on those floods and fertilization they provided.

Name three major aspects of Egyptian art and life:
1. *religion__
2. *death__
3. *conventionalism__

The last term means that Egyptian art was based on traditions and conventions (rules) that had not changed for millennia. (millennia is plural for millennium… just reminding)

There were three major periods in the history of Egypt.
I am going to help you with the millennia. Take a minute to check them against your imaginary Timeline or make a quick drawing. Make sure you understand about the first and second halves of millennium B.C.

| Period | Dates | Millennium | |Old Kingdom |2680 B.C.-2258B.C. | 3rd millennium | |Middle Kingdom |2000 b.c-1786 b.c | first half of the 2nd millennium | |New Kingdom |1570 b.c-1342b.c |second half of the 2nd millennium |


In this period were created the hallmarks of Egyptian art:
Pyramids & Large Statues
What was the focal aspect of Egyptian religion? - *Afterlife__ In what way did these beliefs effect the development of art? - *tombs decorated with everday objects and scenes depicting common earthly activities. As a matter of fact, it is due to the arts we know that much about life of Egyptian people who lived 5000 years ago.

What manner of rendering of the human figure was initiated in the Old Kingdom and lasted thousands of years?conceptual While reading your book, observe the detail of the tomb wall painting (below).

|[pic] |Parts of the body presented in profile: | | |*…head | | |*…pelvis | | |*…legs | | |Parts are shown in a frontal view: | | |*…upper torso | | |*…eyes | | |Are figures three-dimensional or flat? | | |*…flat | | |...
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