Egypt: the Five Themes of Geography

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Egypt- The Five Themes of Geography
Egypt is a land of rich culture, society, religion, customs, and prosperity. Tourists flock over in floods to marvel at the wonders of Egypt: the pyramids, the temples, the Sphinx, and the fortresses. But if the Egyptians hadn’t been lucky to stumble upon the land of Egypt, there would not be much left to see. Egypt’s unique geography separates it from other lands. Each of the five themes of geography, which are location, region, place, interaction, and movement, are distinctly different from the others and have shaped Egypt’s environment throughout the ages.

Location is the spot or setting of an area. There are two kinds of location: exact and relative location. Exact location is where in latitude and longitude is a place. The exact location of Egypt is between 22º -- 32ºN and 24º -- 37º E. Relative location describes a place in relation to its surrounding areas. Egypt is located in northeastern Africa. It is near Europe and Asia. To the north of Egypt is the Mediterranean Sea. Looking to south, there are the countries of Nubia, Kush, and Sudan. The Red Sea and Israel make an eastern border. On the west side is the Libyan Desert and the Sahara Desert. Running right through the middle of Egypt is the Nile River, the feature that made the Nile what it is today and in the past. Location is a major aspect of Egypt’s history. Egypt’s rich location placed it within the fertile and prosperous region of the Nile River Valley.

Region is a territory or area that has common physical or human features. The region of Egypt is located in Northeastern Africa, near Europe and Asia. It is in the oasis of the desert, the Nile River Valley. There were many natural resources in the area. Gold, turquoise, and amethyst were mined in eastern Egypt. The old Kingdom started in Lower Egypt, and it built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Later, the Middle Kingdom arose around 2000 BC and constructed the city of Thebes. The New Kingdom gained...
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