Egypt Current Event

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Why is America involved in the Egypt peace protests? America first became involved in January when President Obama made a speech addressing the current issues in Egypt. He stated that “If Egypt falls, the Middle East falls. Egypt isn’t the only nation revolting. It is wide spread throughout the Arab areas.” America has also been allies with Egypt for many years, so now they are just helping out a “friend”. America is strong enough to be involved because it has enough allies, that if it were to ever be pulled into a war, it could easily get uninvolved. Egypt doesn’t have this kind of strength and now their people are in a major war with the government. America seems to have a history of becoming involved and then helping their allied side win the war, such as in both world wars. America has certain advances in their military and political government that Egypt and the Middle Eastern countries have never seen. They could present new ideas in a peaceful way to the source of these rebellions in Egypt. Egypt is a major area of the Middle East with control of the Suez Canal. If the Suez Canal is dictated and shut down then all of that region will begin to lose trade and their GDP will fall. It is all a domino effect, and the peace protests are the hand to push the first domino.
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