Egypt Cultural and Economic Analysis

Topics: Household income in the United States, Gross domestic product, Egypt Pages: 18 (3959 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Kolette Amendola
Global Markets 318
October 6, 2012
Cultural & Executive Analysis

Cultural Analysis

VIII. Executive summary

After completing all of the other sections, prepare a two-page (maximum length)

Summary of the major points and place it at the front of the report. The purpose

Of an executive summary is to give the reader a brief glance at the critical points

Of your report. Those aspects of the culture a reader should know to do business

In the country but would not be expected to know or would fi nd different based

On his or her SRC should be included in this summary.


The physical size of Egypt, the enormous size and density of its urban population, and the role played by foreign assistance in determining its policy agendas, all contribute to
Major challenges in developing a coherent and effective environmental policy (Zetter and Hassan, 2002).

Considering loyalty is one of the most important aspects in Egyptian life it is safe to say that once they accept the product they will become loyal to it. Solar energy advocates have found a surprising critic in environmentalists, who say that assessments must be made to protect desert plants and wildlife.

I. Introduction
Solar energy is quickly on the rise of popularity in numerous countries. The world is trying to come up with ways of “going green” in order to help protect the economy and Egypt is one of them. One way this is happening is by converting solar power into electrical energy using solar panels. The company to be introduced is Suntech, the world’s largest producer of solar panels. The company is based out of China has over 20 million solar panels located in 80 different countries (Ouma, 2012). Suntech has already successfully penetrated the western market by establishing its first factory in the US but continues to grow along with their new technology. As of right now, solar panels are not fully developed as a revolution in Egypt but some companies are trying to come up with the funds to start developing. Furthermore, once all this natural energy is converted into electric power it can be used for trade with other countries that are going through fossil fuel shortages, like the United States. This will not only be environmentally friendly but also start new relations with other countries and create profit.

II. Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history Egypt is a relatively large country located in Northern Africa. It has coastlines on both the Mediterranean and Red Sea and is predominantly almost all dessert. Considering the climate is among the hottest temperatures obtaining solar energy would not be difficult, even in the winter months. Over many centuries environmental preservation is at the top of the countries agenda. Billions have been spent on both national and international conservation programs, pollution control and prevention efforts, and the protection of endangered species and resources (Lee, 2005). This shows that the United States is not the only country trying to become more environmentally safe while considering economic interests. The 1952 revolution of Egypt initiated free health care and economic development. However, there is currently dispute between the Islamists and Muslims, which could break out into civil war states The Economist. This is something that could cause turmoil when introducing a new product to the country

III. Geographical setting ( The main power plant and the majority of solar panels will be located in the Sanai Peninsula. This location was chosen because it is triangularly situated between the Mediterranean and Red Sea. It is also the only part of Egypt located in Asia as opposed to Africa, effectively...
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