Egypt and Three Obstacles in Economy

Topics: Egypt, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: December 7, 2012
“The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Succession Crisis” - The Politiics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East

I find it hard for myself to agree with the “many obstacles that the Muslim Brotherhood faces in their quest to change the rules and networks of the political game” as Mohammed Zahid says starting on page 26 in this reading. According to Zahid the first obstacle is “the growing convergence and interaction between the state and business sectors”. And continues on to say and imply that this created a powerful bloc “which has resisted the economic and political actors such as Islamists. To be fair, if one were look at today’s Muslim brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party one would find many of the faces that were big-scale business men before the January 25 revolution, and are today key-political figures in Egypt’s current ruling party.

Names such as Khairat El Shater (a large scale business man in Egypt that had accumulated his wealth before the revolution, yet after the revolution has found his entry into politics, running for president etc), and even more influential economically Hassan Malek of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), and chairman of The Egyptian Business Development Association also known as “EBDA”, which is in direct contact with the President and falls under his auspices. Another of many large-scale businessmen who are of the Muslim Brotherhood is Samir El Naggar, also known in Egypt as “the king of potatoes”, a large-scale potato grower and exporter, almost monopolizing the potato industry in Egypt. One finds it hard to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood was in search of true Democracy, when in fact they are playing dirty, or in fact dirtier politics than the ousted National Democratic Party.

Moreover, the second as Mohammed Zahid claims to be an obstacle and seems to imply a negative picture about, is the economic involvement of the Military. Zahid says that Military officials are “routinely deployed throughout...
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