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Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Australia is an island, surrounded by water. It is located on the smallest continent in the world. Australian population is 17,5 million peoples. Lowest point in Australia is Lake Eyre -15 m and highest point is Mount Kosciuszko 2,229m. The temperatures in Australia vary considerably from summer to winter. Rug up for the winter months as temps often drop below zero at night and are usually below 15C in the day. In summer the temperatures are usually mild but can rise above 35C. Canberra is the captial of Australia and the Australian Captial Territory. Canberra has many walk ways, national parks, and there are other sites such as: the Australian War Memorial, the National Library, and the Australian National University, Parliament House and many other sites that deal with national issues, including the Royal Mint, National Film and Sound Archive; and a large array of galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia. Other biggest cities are Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. In Australia is much famous places. Some of them are: Australian War Memorial, National Gallery Gardens, Parks and so on. Australian War Memorial: the massive war memorial is more than the usual pointy concrete thing in the middle of town, it´s actually a museum of Australia´s war history. It was conceived in 1925 and finally opened in 1941. It houses an amazing collection of pictures, dioramas, relics and exhibitions, including a fine collection of old aircraft. For anyone with an interest in toy soldiers, the miniature battle scenes are absorbing. Canberra´s National Gallery, on the south shore of the lake, has probably the best collection of art in the country. The Australian collection ranges from traditional Aboriginal art through to 20th century works by Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan and Albert Tucker. Aboriginal works include bark paintings...
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