Egn 101 Week 1

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Intelligence Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Describe my strongest dimension on personality spectrum? My strongest dimension on personality spectrum is my intelligence I feel like I am balanced in some areas, I feel that I have a good personality I am a very quiet person. I try to take in as much as I can what others are saying but I am able to use aspects of this predisposition in conjunction with my strength. They all help me to be an effective distance learning student, The habit also help me to make a subject more interesting for me.This summarization and verbalization would also allow me to retain the information since I have to understand it completely to convey it to someone else. 2. Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contra ducted something about yourself? This activity has contradicted me in a way that I could try to know what my strengths are and how to obtain them into being successful in what I can do. It has also helped me to try and figure out what my weakness are and then work on strengthen them. This is very unlike my own style. I can help strengthen others in areas where they may they be weak and can better communicate by being aware of another’s styles. It also allows us to see what strategies other may use that might help me in ways that I can learn better and be very successful in what I want to do. It has also helped me to understand how others like to learn and how to learn .
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