Eggshell as Facial Powder

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Eggshell as Facial Powder
The most beautiful faces of the world are touched by the magic of makeup. Make up preparation which include face powder, lipstick, mascara, etc., are cosmetic preparations developed to hold correct, retrain, or hide facial defects. Learn to identify your own weak points, as well as your assets. Draw attention away from your problem areas by highlighting the beautiful feature of your face using essential make up preparation. The most common product of makeup is face powder. Face powder is a makeup preparation applied on your face to give more pleasing appearance by erasing the shiny appearances and masking any slight imperfections of the skin. It is very easy and inexpensive to prepare face powder with your personal choice of fragrance.

Mortar and pestle
Fine sieve
Cosmetic container
Egg shells

1. Collect a bowl of egg shells; wash them thoroughly to remove any trace of egg white skin. 2. Crush in a mortar, sift through a fine sieve, and crush again until the powder is very fine and soft. 3. Add a little perfume of cologne.

4. Let dry and sift again.
5. Place in a presentable container and label.

The egg shells can be recycled into fine face powder as proven by scientific minded people. They contain essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc which give them the property of absorbency, adhesion, slipping which are all necessary for a high quality homemade face powder. Face powder like other make up cosmetic preparations after a day’s facial covering must be thoroughly cleansed. Never go to sleep without removing the day’s bulk of dirt and impurities. Remember, what goes on must come off. Cleansing maintains the soft, smooth and glowing skin.
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