Egg Shell

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Stephen King

Horror novel

Written Response 3

Some essential things about the novel:


GEOGRAPHY: The protagonist lives in Maine, with his wife and their two twin sons.

The main character of this novel is Thad Beaumont, at the beginning of the book he is just eleven years old and one morning when he was going to school he had a seizure. Fortunately the bus driver of the school bus that he used to take to go to school arrived just in time to save him and to take him to the hospital with the mother of the little boy. When they arrived at the hospital the doctor took him to the surgery room because they thought that he had a brain tumor. During the surgery a surgeon found something really strange in his brain: nails, eye bowls, and pieces of human body. None of the surgeons in the room had ever seen anything like that before.

Plot summary Thad Beaumont is an author and recovering alcoholic who lives in the town of Ludlow, Maine. Thad's own books – cerebral literary fiction – are not very successful. However, under the pen name "George Stark", he writes highly successful crime novels about a violent killer named Alexis Machine. When Thad's authorship of Stark's novels becomes public knowledge, Thad and his wife, Elizabeth, decide to stage a mock burial for his alter ego at the local cemetery, which is featured in a People magazine article. Stark's epitaph says it all: "Not A Very Nice Guy". Stark, however, emerges from the mock grave as a physical entity and goes on a killing spree, gruesomely murdering everyone he perceives responsible for his "death" – Thad's editor, agent, and the People interviewer, among others. Thad, meanwhile, is plagued by surreal...
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