Egg Drop

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Egg Drop
Structure is a huge invovlement to the egg surviving the fall from the top of the stadium. You have to have a structure that will absorb the impact of the fall without putting it into the egg.
We constructed a cube. In this cube we constructed had many shapes but we tried to stay with rectangles and triangles. These shapes absorb energy very well. We keep the shapes uniform to have the same protection on all sides. These shapes help when they are uniform because they give the exact same support. This is due to absorbstion of the energy from the falling object.

We suspended the egg in mid air in the middle of our design so no energy could reach the egg. The straws are also dubbled in most places. We also used a lot of scotch tape at every joint to keep the straws from falling apart. We also put the straws inside of each other at every joint to assure that they stay together.

To begin with we took all of the straws out of the packeges of straws and unwraped around 200 straws. We then talked to people that did this projest last year to see what they did to the structure. This it came to our knowledge that we could use many shapes to make this project work. We then begain to see how we could put the straws together to make a 3d structre with triangles and squares.

Our whole group worked well together we all worked together to have the idea to build the structure that we did. This was a group idea on how to we were going to contruct this projrect. Some outside ideas also helped us to figure out how we were going to construct this project.

The potinal energy before the project falls is a lot. Then as it falls it is going to be kinetic energy. This energy from the top of the stadium is huge but as the egg drop falls the potential energy starts droping but the kinetic energy drops. The energy also gets decreased by the straws. So when the potential energy turns into kinetec energy the force is not the same between the two of them. The...
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