Egg Donation Persuassive

Topics: Donation, Giving, Egg donation Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: December 18, 2012
There has been a lot of controversy behind the idea of egg donations and how much a family should pay for these donations. Some people believe that donating eggs is the problem in question in this situation. There are also some people say that believe ethically, the idea of paying $50,000 for egg donations is absurd and wrong. However the absurd thing about this is the thought that this is wrong because people are then treating it as if it were some sort of “free enterprise business”. There is nothing wrong with donating eggs or paying $50,000 expecting eggs from “the cream of the crop”. The reason that there is nothing wrong with this is because if the price were not so high then they might not have any donors, it benefits both the donee and the donor, and finally because it’s their money paying for it. In some cases the price is an important detail.

The family who posted the ad requesting egg donations for $50,000 posted two ads. The earlier ad posted did not have an amount that the couple was willing to pay on it, only six responses came to this ad. The article does not specify if these six met the standards of the couple but we can assume that since the couple took out another ad in the next month’s paper the six hits on their first ad did not meet the standards. When the second ad went out the price willing to be paid out, of $50,000, was placed in it; there were six hundred hits on this ad. Out of these six hundred women that replied to this ad many of them were under qualified, however there were quite a few people who met or exceeded the requirements. This does show how greedy many people are, however if the couple never placed an ad with a specified amount that they were willing to pay then they possibly would not be able to find a women who met their requirements, thus leaving the couple to look into other forms of getting a child.

When a donor is finally found that meets the specified requirements, both parties will benefit from the...
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