Egg Baby Project

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Egg Baby Project & Baby Think It Over
Child DevelopmentMs. Stump

You are responsible for your egg baby and must take your baby everywhere you go, even to school! There will be a day care center in Room 225 for you to drop off/pick up your baby each day. Please read the requirements and consequences for not following them. This project lasts for four (4) days. You will be given class time to complete the project; you will also be responsible for caring for the baby outside of class. If you have questions, please ask! Please do not wait until the last minute to come to me with any questions or concerns, if it is too late there isn’t anything I can do. You must receive an 85% or higher in order to be given the opportunity to take the baby simulators home. You must return the signed parent/guardian form by the due date in order to participate in both of these projects. The Egg Baby project is required for this class; the Baby Think It Over Project is optional.

* Drop your baby off every day before classes begin along with your “payment stub,” that way I know you dropped your baby off, no exceptions. Place the baby in his/her carrier in the designated area of the room. * Pick your baby up every day after classes. The drop off and pick up need to be done by the “PARENT” (no other person may get the baby unless arrangements are made by the “parent” in advance with Ms. Stump). * Check on your egg baby frequently to ensure your baby is healthy and well. You should not stop by the daycare, checking on your egg is to be done at home. * Provide a safe place for the baby to be when you are not holding him/her (egg baby carrier). * Create and maintain an egg baby book

* Daily Activities include: Daily egg check, Daily journal, Egg Baby Book Consequence Papers:
Not picking your baby up from day care or dropping your baby off at day care * Loss of points for that day
* Write a 1-2 page paper on the emotional, social, and physical affects of neglect on a child Dropping/Cracking Egg
* Notify me as soon as possible. This does not mean that you have failed the project. We may be able to bandage the egg * Write a 1-2 page paper on the social, emotional, physical, and financial affects of having a child with a birth defect Damaged beyond repair

* Write a 1-2 page paper on dealing with the loss of a child Someone else damages Egg or you damage on purpose
* Write a 2 page paper on the social, emotional, and physical of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Dear Parent/Guardian,
Your student is participating in an Infant Care Project. Your student will be caring for an Egg Baby for four (4) days. During that time they will be required to complete assignments relating to the care of a real baby while caring for their Egg Baby. The purpose of this project is to allow students to experience some of the responsibilities that are involved in the care of babies. Please read the project guidelines for further information. Please contact me at any time with any questions and/or concerns regarding this project by email at or at (845)563-5400, Thank you for your continued support in this project and any other class assignments. Please Sign and return the below form, Thank You. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I _________________________________________(parent/guardian name) have read information regarding the Egg Baby Project and understand that __________________________________________ (student name)will be participating in the Egg Baby project from __________ to __________ I am also aware that if the student receives at least an 85% on this project they will have the opportunity to participate in a subsequent project using a baby simulator and I will provide them with the support needed to participate in this project. The baby simulator costs over...
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