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By | Feb. 2011
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Jarka Pavel
English 9, B Block

What if WW1 never happened?

Research Question: Would the world be still the same if WW1 never happened?
Thesis: If WW1 never happened the world wouldn't be the same.

I. Total troops dead by all countries in WW1:
Total troops wounded from all countries in WW1:
Total missing or POW’s:
b."Several historians have noted that both world wars should really be considered a single conflict with a long armistice in the middle." c. Even though that those are just numbers they have had a huge impact on the world. II. Most likely there would be a war between Britain and Russia, and maybe even between Germany and France. BUT only if Russia and Germany don't go to war against each other than there won’t be any War- there would only be some fighting in Lorraine or Turkestan.  b. If Germany, Britain, France, US, Japan and Netherlands makes something like an "economic condominium" than they could "rule" the world together (Belgium would be on a frozen account because of their relationship with the Belgium Congo).  But, of course there would be other countries outside that would be in this "treaty". Norway, the Ottoman Empire and maybe even Persia. All those countries would share/buy shares. 

III. What if the Archduke wouldn't have had been assassinated? b. Serbia used as an excuse to start a war. What if they wouldn't have done anything?

IV. Examples from the war
b.“… Were they brutalized or ennobled; were their lives destroyed or enriched?” (Author unknown). c." Private Albert Brown, of the Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment, read: "Wounded in the face by shrapnel at Ypres - but still alive and kicking." 5. If Germany would have won WW1.

b."From the British, they would probably have demanded nothing but more...

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