Effort of Sacrificing

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Dear Adri
The fact you cant make the effort and sacrifice one night out with your friends to be with your boyfriend, who uve had one conversation with in one week makes me disappointed. 3 nights ago, You decided to spend the time with Marco and Lori after work at the black and white and told me you were coming home. Insted you went out to Catania and after i waited 3 hours you came home drunk and stoned and said u were going to bed. I said i was i waited all night to talk to u. You agreed to talk but i wasn’t your priority.

After you decided to read my facebook msgs through the week and not write anything to me for a couple of days, i said it was gay not talking and i want to meet u at 11 pm, your time. Instead you blew me off, once again to spend time with and go out with Marco and Lori. You knew i was depressed had bad anxiety, and was struggling, but couldn’t make the effort to talk to me, and blew me off for a night out of fun instead. I wasn’t your priorty.

I wake up in the morning and your the first thing i think about, and i feel ive got to rush to get to the computer to see if ur online. Your the last thing i before i goto sleep and i think about u all the way inbetween. Today i did this, and with no excuse u blew me off with a simple, ‘im in Catania ill try wen i get back’. Cant make take the time to talk to me shows me your true priorities in life regardless of what your words say.

Today u cant even get out of bed at 9 oclock to meet me for the last time before i go down to Sydney where we cant even talk for 4 days.

This reminds me of after the Zafarana festival where i was critically ill, and had flown half the distance of the globe, to be with u for 6 short weeks, and u decided to blow me off and go out with Marco and Lori once again.

Adri your inconsiderate i don’t like that u treat me like this, AND WHO I AM NOT THERE PRIORTITY, u have gone drinking with Marco and Lori heaps of times this week, u know how many days u u tried to...
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