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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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MBA Integrative Module

Sustainable Decisions and Organisations


Semester 2 2012 – 2013

April 15 - 19 2013

Module Convenor: Simon Wright

Table of Contents

Teaching Staff

Module Outline and Reading List

Provisional Session Summary

Assessment and Criteria for Assessment

Session 1Module Introduction

Session 2 Business Briefing: Sustainability at J Sainsbury PLC

Session 3Sustainability and Business Strategy

Session 4Stakeholders and Business Strategy

Session 5Group work: First Steps

Session 6Group work: First Steps (continued)

Session 7Group work: Scenario Planning for Sustainability

Session 8 Group work: Scenario Planning for WW

Session 9 Group work: Operational Scanning for WW

Session 10 Group work: Operational Strategies for WW

Session 11Group work: Preliminary Integration of Strategy for WW

Session 12Group work: Integration of Strategy for WW

Session 13Group work: Finalise Strategy for WW

Session 14Group work: Finalise and Submit Strategy

Session 15Intervention

Session 16Group work: Respond to Intervention

Session 17 Group work: Finalise & Submit Media Statement; Prepare for Events

Session 18 Media Conference

Session 19Board Meeting

Session 20 Media and Board Feedback

Readings and Further Resources

MBA Integrative Module

Sustainable Decisions and Organizations


Main Teaching Staff

Professor Jeremy Moon

Room B9c Business School North Building


Dr Wendy Chapple

Room B9d Business School North Building


Simon Wright

Room B7 Business School North Building


|If you need to make an appointment by phone, please contact Lesley Bukraba | |(0115) 846 6976 (Internal 66976) |

Business Briefings

These will be presented by practitioners

Media Conference

This will be populated by journalists

Board Meeting

Presentation will be to Board members

Module Outline

The module aims to enable students to develop business and management skills and to capture an integrated view of their learning across their MBA programme.

It also builds specifically on Media Training and three Preparatory Sessions. It combines substantive lectures; ‘Business Briefings’ in the form of practitioner presentations pertinent to the Case; and experiential learning through a ‘live’ Case involving group work.

Key Words: Integrative Learning; Inter-Disciplinary Learning; Sustainability; Stakeholders; Entrepreneurial Creativity.

Reading List

Two relatively slim and readable books inform this module:

Freeman, R. Edward, Harrison, Jeffrey S. and Wicks, Andrew C. (2007) Managing for Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation and Success Yale University Press.

Stead, W. Edward and Jean Garner Stead (2009) Management for a Small Planet Greenleaf 3rd Edition (an earlier, more text-book style, version is Stead, W. Edward and Jean Garner Stead (2004) Sustainable Strategic Management ME Sharpe, Armonk New York, London England).

Further readings will be provided for each Session as appropriate.

|SDO 2012 – 2013 Session Summary (Provisional) | |1 |Monday 15th April |Main Auditorium, National |Introduction to Module | | |09.30 – 11.00 |Centre for School |What, why and how? Allocation of Groups; What is Sustainability?| | | |Leadership** | | |2...
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