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Efficient Cars

By | June 2011
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Should Cars Be More Efficient
SCI 207
Dr. Dariush Azimi
March 14, 2011

With the increased production of automobiles each year there is an ongoing debate of whether or not cars and trucks for that matter should be more efficient. We see each day that automakers are in steady competition to see who can release the biggest most powerful SUV and the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicles. I intend to show the arguments of both sides of the question being “Should cars be more efficient”.

Over the years cars and trucks have evolved from just a small four wheeled vehicle to a luxurious piece of art on rubber. They used to just simply be a means of transportation for the public to get to and from their places of employment, the local market or just joy riding on the weekends. When people solely didn’t have to depend upon the railroads for transportation in the 1970’s vehicles had no substitute for being powered by gasoline. American dependence on these imports was highlighted when the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (OPEC) cut supplies and raised prices in the Oil Crisis of 1973. In the wake of the crisis, foreign cars with better gas mileage increased their sales at the expense of American-made cars, highway speed limits were reduced, and the U.S. Congress passed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, which included the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) program. (Easton, 2008)

There is an ongoing debate in our government as to whether or not regulation needs to be placed upon automakers to improve the efficiency of automobiles. On one side David Friedman from “Café Stadards” says “Yes”. He argues that the technology exists to improve the fuel efficiency standards for new cars and trucks and requiring improved efficiency can cut oil imports, save money, create jobs, and help with global warming. As we know, there are two sides to every argument. Opposing Friedman, is Charli E Coon. He’s from “Why the Governments CAFÉ standards for fuel...

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