Efficiency of the Video Camera

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The efficiency of the video camera.
We usually use the video camera in order to save the important moment. Before using the video camera, the written record had been used as a documentary tool. You couldn’t completely observe the important social event and only predicted through the sentences. Video recording are more accurate and convincing than a written record. The Video camera provides some advantages in the contemporary life. First of all, the video recording is a more important means of documentary tool in the contemporary life. For example, we saved the important events such as the big match and the historical ceremony. We had the time capsule in the Jangchung-dong, Seoul at the turn of this millennium. Our

"The video camera provides such an accurate and convincing record of contemporary life that it has become a more important form of documentation than written records."

According to the speaker, the video recording is a more important means of document hag contemporary life than a written record because video recordings are more accurate and convincing. Although I agree that a video provides a more objective and accurate record of an event's spatial aspects, there is far more to document ha life than what we see and hear. Thus the speaker overstates the comparative significance of video as a documentary tool.

For the purpose of documenting temporal, spatial events and experiences, I agree that a video record is usually more accurate and more convincing than a written record. It is impossible for anyone, no matter how keen an observer and skilled a journalist, to recount ha complete and objective detail such events as the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl, a Ballanchine ballet, the Tournament of Roses Parade, or the scene at the intersection of Florence and Normandy streets during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Yet these are important events in contemporary life the sort of events we might put ha a time capsule for the purpose of capturing our...
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