Efficacy of the Duty Drawback Scheme

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents1
Part I The Duty Drawback Scheme3
The Customs Act 19623
Part II Pros and Cons of the Scheme7
Part III Case Law8

With the primary objective of incentivizing exports, various schemes like Export Oriented Units (EOUs), Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Duty Exemption Entitlement Schemes (DEECs), Manufacture under Bond etc. have been made available by the government to obtain inputs without the payment of customs duty/excise duty or to obtain refund of duty paid on inputs. In case of central excise, manufacturers can avail Cenvat Credit of duty paid on inputs and utilize the same for payment of duty on other goods sold in India, or they can obtain refund. Schemes like manufacture under bond are also available for customs. On similar lines, manufacturers or processors can also avail of Duty Drawback Schemes. Here, the excise duty and customs duty paid on inputs is refunded to the exporter of finished product by way of ‘Duty Drawback’. Section 75 of Customs Act provides for drawback on materials used in manufacture or processing of export product. Under Duty Drawback Schemes, relief of customs and central excise duties suffered on the inputs used in the manufacture of export product is allowed to exporters. The admissible duty drawback amount is paid to exporters by depositing it into their nominated bank account. It may be noted that duty drawback under section 75 is granted when imported materials are used in the manufacture of goods which are then exported, while duty drawback under section 74 is applicable when imported goods are re-exported as it is and the article is easily identifiable. Section 37 of Central Excise Act allows the Central Government to frame rules for purpose of the Act. In exercise of these powers, The Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995 have been framed outlining the procedure to be followed for the purpose of grant of duty drawback by the Customs Authorities processing export documentation. In order to fulfill the objectives of this paper, the paper has been structures as follows. First, I have analysed the rationale behind a duty drawback scheme. Second, I have delved into the statutory provisions dealing with duty drawback schemes and relevant rules. Third, I have made a comparison of the pros and the cons of a duty drawback scheme and finally, I have observed certain principles that have been laid down through case law before making my concluding remarks. Part I

The Duty Drawback Scheme
Duty drawback schemes, which typically involve a combination of duty rebates and exemptions, are a feature of many countries’ trade regimes. They are used in highly protected, developing economies as means of providing exporters with imported inputs at world prices, and thus increasing their competitiveness, while maintaining the protection on the rest of the economy. An important principle in the levy of customs duty is that the goods should be consumed within the country of importation. If the goods are not so consumed, but are exported out of the country, the cost of export goods gets unduly escalated an account of incidence of customs duty. Therefore to avoid this escalation of price duty drawback schemes seek to remove the impact of customs duty on imported goods which are eventually exported. Eventual exportation may happen due to: A. Goods are sent back to a foreign country

* Due to non conformity with required specifications
* Trade-restrictions in the country of import
* Primary purpose of import was temporary retention
B. Goods are used in the manufacture of other products meant for export The latest cause for relief of import duty paid is when the goods are ultimately exported. This factor gained greater importance with the establishment of 100% Export Oriented Units where goods manufactured are mainly exported to earn foreign...
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