Effects Temperature Has on the Rate of Diffusion

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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Problem Question:
* What effect does temperature have on the rate of Diffusion? Hypothesis: If we put the antacid in hot water, then it will dissolve faster than in cold water or room temperature water. Material List:

* One thermometer
* 3 beakers (of the same size)
* 3 antacid tablets
* Cup of ice
* Hot plate
* Paper towels
* Water
Step 1: Gather materials
Step 2: Label the beaker #1, #2, and #3
Step 3: Fill each beaker with the same amount of water.
Step 4: Place the thermometer in beaker #1. Let it sit for about 1 minute. Record the temperature in your data section. Remove the thermometer. Step 5: Place tablet inside beaker #1. Begin recording the time it takes for the tablet to completely dissolve. The recording should begin as soon as the tablet is dropped into the water and should end when it is completely dissolved. Step 6: In beaker #2, empty the ice. Record the temperature into your data section. Follow the same procedure as in step 5.

Procedures (continued):
Step 7: Place beaker #3 on a hot plate until water begins boiling. Using layers of paper towels, carefully remove the beaker from the hot plate. Place thermometer in water and record temperature. Follow the same procedure as in step 5. Step 8: Clean your area.

Water| Temperature| Time it took to dissolve|
Homeroom temperature water| 23 °C| 48 sec|
Cold water| 8 °C| 90 sec|
Hot water| 84 °C| 29 sec|

Independent variable: Temperature
Dependent variable: The rate of diffusion
Control group: Hot water (beaker #3)
Experimental group: Homeroom temperature water (beaker #1) and cold water (beaker #2)

Analysis: The data shows how much time was needed for each temperature to dissolve the antacid. * In cold water the antacid took 90 seconds to dissolve completely. * In homeroom temperature water the antacid took 48 seconds. * In hot water the antacid dissolved in 29 seconds

Based on the data recorded,...
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