Effects Parenting Styles Have on Children (from a Sociology Project)

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Parenting Styles

The article that I chose for parenting styles is really interesting. Some things I agreed with, and other things I disagreed with. For example, one of the statements the article said was that, “Research has found that the best adjusted children, particularly in terms of social competence, have parents with an authoritative, moderate parenting style. These parents are able to balance clearly stated, high demands with emotional responsiveness and respect for their child's autonomy” (Gurian para 8). I definitely agree with this. My parents aren’t the “get-your-stuff-down-right-away-or-I’m-going-to-ground-you-forever” kind of parents. They kind of just let me go with the flow, and if I mess up, then they’ll deal with me. And I think that parents who just yell at their kids constantly, those are the kids who are always going to be the rebels, because they can’t stand authority. And that’s on their parents, not them.

Another thing that the article said was that “Permissive parents make few demands and their children have been found to have difficulty controlling their impulses, and can be immature and reluctant to accept responsibility” (para 8). This is so true! I’ve seen so many of my friends get into a lot of trouble because their parents let them do whatever they want. In fact, this is kind of how my parents were when they first had my sisters. They were young and they didn’t really know anything about raising teenagers. So, sisters ended up getting into bad situations and sometimes they got into trouble, and my parents didn’t really care. And then, as they got older, and they had more kids (Bobby and I), they started to realize that we couldn’t make the same mistakes that my sisters did. I guess that’s why I’m so different than the rest of my family.

“Parenting doesn’t happen in a vacuum; parenting is an interactive situation. Children also have styles, or temperaments, which mesh with their parents’ style, each affecting the other”...
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