Effects on the Environment of Mass Food Production

Topics: Aquaculture, Overfishing, Livestock Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: November 29, 2010
The Effects of Mass Food Production on the World as a Whole

Robert Dupell

ANT 340

Mass food production has become an increasing issue in the world. It was created to help solve the lack of nutrition problem that was created by the staggering population growth of the human race. Short term it has solved the issue it was created for. But there are inherent risks that come with this type of food production. Mass food production causes a great deal of stress on the environment. The land, air, and water in the areas used for this production are slowly being destroyed. The problem does not just reside with feedlots; there are also issues with the fish farming industry as well as the agriculture industry.

One of the main contributors to mass food production is provided through feedlots. A feedlot is defined as an area of land where livestock are kept at a high density, with small pens in which the animals are fattened. All feed is brought into the feedlot from outside sources(Agriculture Dictionary). That being said, even though this source provides a large quantity of food, it also over consumes resources to do so. One example of harm that is produced is the amount of gasoline and resources to bring in the outside feed for the cattle. There are so many cattle on sight that grazing is typically not the preferred method to feed the cattle. So they are lined up side by side in small pens and rarely move. The feed is brought to them and they are constantly eating to be fattened up. The issue of outside sources of food does not end at the effort and resources need to bring that food in, but there are growing concerns with the actual food source itself.

Researches have been doing studies on the food that is being used to feed the cattle of many feedlots. The results have shown that not all consumed feed is good in the long run. In addition, with the ever expanding ethanol energy industry, cattle tend to be put last in the order of importance. Most high grade...
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