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Effects on Technological Advancement

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Effects on Technological Advancement

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Week 1 Discussion Question 1- Mohamedhusein Somji
Today I can be in any part of the world, anytime, virtually speaking. From Mombasa, for example I can ‘see’ my t-shirts stock in Kaiserslautern in Germany, where our Distribution Centre (DC) is located, using our stock software. I am aware of what is happening in Burma, by keeping updated with CNN, and also can keep abreast with my sons B.Sc. Degree in engineering and keep up with the daily quotes from Warren Buffet- whose company Berkshire Hathaway own 100% of Fruit of the Loom. (FotL) I believe technological advancement that aspect that is impacting the global community. I have been in the promotional material supply chain for the over 22 years and it has changed the way we do business totally. Various aspects of the technological advancement have played a key role in this. One aspect taking the bulk of it is communications. I remember when I had to get a brief approved from by a client I had to fax about 10 pages that got stuck in the machine when the communications link got disconnected. About half an hour was wasted doing this, not forgetting the exorbitant phone bill attached to this exercise. In contrast, if you have to send 10 pages of information, without printing them you just attach the same to an email and press a button, if they need to be signed and if you don’t already have an electronic signature, you can scan and email the same after signing. Again touch of a button. On the flip side and just as a note, Do we then have that extra time we have saved? Well that is a topic of discussion on its own. This technological advancement allows us to take a class in this MBA program that would have been unheard off when I was in school, especially in this part of the world it is still a surprise Individuals with various backgrounds, ethnicity, religious diversity, political affiliation, gender, and even sexual orientation can study together especially this particular topic about leaders. Good leaders...

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