Effects on Mass Media

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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This report was given by Ms. Gracelin Cardore-Forde to investigate the effects of mass media on the Grenadian society in the 21st century. The results of this investigation shows clear definition of what is mass media, types of mass media used in Grenada and both the positive and negative effects of mass media This report, therefore, provides a clear recommendation that the mass media in Grenada has a positive effect on the island’s population and it will help with the growth of the economy and infrastructure of the island.

Table of content
Chapter 1#
Section 1.1#
Subsection 1.1.a#
Subsection 1.1.b#
Subsection 1.1.c#
Section 1.2#
Section 1.3#
Chapter 2#
Section 2.1#
Section 2.2#
Subsection 2.2.a#
Subsection 2.2.b#
Subsection 2.2.c#
Section 2.3#
Chapter 3#
Section 3.1#
Section 3.2#
Section 3.3#
Subsection 3.3.a#
Subsection 3.3.b#
Subsection 3.3.c#

The purpose of this formal report is to state the conclusions obtained by my investigation on the effects of mass media on the Grenadian society. The content of this report will state what is mass media, types of mass media used in Grenada and the positive and negative effects that it poses on the Grenadian society. Recommendations are also made to decide whether . Information to complete this investigation was made via surveys, questionnaires, the internet, information from the libraries and also my personal knowledge. These findings will be displayed in the body of the report. The proceedings of this report would not be possible without the help of my lecturer Ms. Gracelin Cadore-Forde and my mother Carla Rae Briggs.

What is mass media?
One may wonder what mass media is. According to information from “free dictionary.com” and ”Wisegeek.org” mass media is the means of communication that is intended to reach a large audience of people in a short time. It may take the forms of * Broadcast media

* Internet media
* Print...
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