Effects of Washington D.C Snipers

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  • Topic: John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo, Gulf War
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  • Published : May 3, 2010
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Effects of Washington D.C Snipers
Two men that decide they want to take people’s lives into their own hands, can change the way American citizens live their everyday lives. This exact situation happened over a twenty-three day period, when John Muhammad and John Malvo went on a shooting spree in Washington D.C. John Allen Muhammad, a forty-one year old veteran expert marksman of the Persian Gulf War, was the main culprit of the crime. He was accompanied by John Lee Malvo, a seventeen year old Jamaican citizen. These two men killed ten people and wounded three others.

The snipers had a strategic plan in shooting their victims. As appose to a random one day spree, they had a well thought out process of how to conduct this shooting. They cut a small hole out of the trunk of an old car. They used this hole to stick their gun out of and shoot people without getting caught, and without people knowing where the shooting was coming from. There were no particular people that they were trying to shoot. Everyone that was shot or wounded was random. They shot people picking their kids up from school, and people filling up with gas. This shooting scared people all over the community and throughout the nation. No one felt safe leaving their homes.

Before the criminals were caught people were very cautious performing their everyday activities. Some people did not want to take their kids to school fearing that they, or their children might be in danger. The parents and children who did perform their everyday activities lived in fear every time

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they were in the open. This shooting also stopped people from wanting to get out of their car to fill up with gas. People also stopped going to the park, and even going out to run and exercise. People who had to walk to and from work were scared to go to their jobs in fear of being shot. Anytime people had to be out in the open, they felt as if they were a target. They were scared that somebody was always...
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