Effects of Violent Sports

Topics: Aggression, Knockout, Mixed martial arts Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: December 9, 2011
Effects of Violent sports essay

Violent Sports have been around for decades. Viewing violence generally triggers or serves in the increase of aggression of an individual. Sports such as wrestling (smack down) and Ultimate Fighter Competition (UFC), are violent sports and has mostly negative effects on those who watch them. The objective of these two sports is to beat an individual into unconsciousness (K.O), make them tap out by inflicting pain, if none of these is accomplished within a time frame, the match is to be stopped and the judges decide who wins. Ultimate fighter (UFC) is viewed nationwide. In this sport, the fighters are allowed to use any and every technique or part of their body except for their mouth in order to reach the objective. Many children, teenagers, and even adults tend to try and imitate a knock out or combos that were seen performed at one of these fights onto an individual in an uncontrolled environment whether it is their sibling, friend, coworker, or a stranger for different reasons that includes but is not limited to a misunderstanding or horse playing. Watching this sport leaves the viewer psychologically aggressive. For example, if someone watches a match and gets into a fight with another person later on, that person is more likely to use a technique he saw during the fight such as a choke hold and since there is no referee to stop the fight in case of suffocation or tap-out, the victim is more likely to die or pass out.

The other sport, Smack Down, is mostly viewed by children and even though it is fictional unlike UFC, it has more violence. Smack down have almost the same objectives as UFC except for the part where you are allowed to use objects as well to inflict pain on an individual. In this sport, children have a lot of role models. As these role models perform moves such as smashing tables or chairs unto their adversaries or jumping from roof tops unto them, it seem to attract a lot of children and they try to act...
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