Effects of Vintage Photos on Students' Emotions

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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The effects of vintage photos on students’ emotions.
In this world of millennium, technology has been taking over the world drastically which inevitably has upgraded the level of photography. Even so, some of the old photos remain as one of the treasures of the world, valuable for the people to stare and wonder to themselves all of their reminiscence of lives. Vintage photos have always been a minority in life but it actually play a significant role, especially on students’ emotions. The three effects of vintage photos on students’ emotions are students become motivated, they are more expressive and they are more appreciative of God’s creations. One of the effects of vintage photos on students’ emotions is they become motivated and courageous. Psychologically, vintage photos could affect their performance in studies, whether it accelerate or decelerate. This could be possible because a photo worth a thousand words. In every captured picture, there is always a story behind them, that it contains the memories of people, in every corner of their lives, anytime, anywhere. According to Lynn Johnson (1984), she found a ten-year-old, Kenny Easterday who was born handicapped. He used a skateboard and artificial legs to move from town to town, showing people that he can be independent even if he lacks ability to move, this picture itself shows how an individual can live his life to the fullest with effort without relying on people. Furthermore, the effects in vintage photos show the significance of life, this is because the subliminal messages in every vintage photo could be so valuable that it shows the wonders of life, it portrays how human live their lives, in bad or good condition, how they face reality and how they perceive it. According to Abgail Heyman (1974), he was visiting a psychiatric ward when Kate Barton struck him with a symbol of no one knows what age they will return. During that moment, the story tells that Kate Barton lost her child, but she could not...
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