Effects of Video Games on the Mind

Topics: Brain, Prefrontal cortex, Mind Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: March 10, 2010
Not only do video games affect children, social skills and addiction, they affect the brain and our actions. How many times have you gotten killed in a video game and gripped the controller so hard it almost broke. Researcher Eleni Kardaras studied two boys playing a competitive game. The younger boy wins, while the older boy gets furious and kicks him over. These are some of the actions we portray while playing video games Professor Akio Mori conducted a survey of people playing video games. Mori monitored the beta waves that indicate liveliness and tension in the prefrontal region. These results show a higher decrease of beta waves that play video games. Tests show that the beta waves were at zero, which indicate low use of the prefrontal regions in the brain. This led to many people in the survey becoming angry and found it harder to concentrate. Many of us take out our frustrations and stress through aggression and anger. An example of this is the columbine-shooting incident in Colorado. Two students took the precious lives of many and eventually taking their own. Evidence and research shows the two students were infatuated with video games, especially a shooting game called shoot em up. Aside from this there are other forms like competition and an urge to win. However video games can teach us to control our emotions. I remember as a kid I use to always hear the myth that video games kill brain cells and can make a hole in your brain. Studies show that playing video games do not kill brain cells; however playing extensively makes the brain slow to a halt, registering low alpha wave readings. Playing video games can be seen as being unproductive, the time spent playing on video games could be spent studying or doing outdoor activities. It also can affect social skills, which we already talked about. Aside from the negatives aspects video games have on the mind, some may argue that playing games can sharpen the mind. Fast pace games like GTA and Need for...
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