Effects of Unhealthy Lifestyle

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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The effect of unhealthy lifestyle
In our research, we are seeking the effect of unhealthy lifestyle among the UTM students. There are many effects of unhealthy lifestyle that we are going to research like are unhealthy lifestyle related to fall sick frequently, sleep deprivation, difficult to focus during lecture, emotional, defective memory, weight issue and hormone imbalance. One of the factors of unhealthy lifestyle from our research is improper eating habit like uncontrolled eating habit and effect of improper eating habit is weight issue like obesity. Diet and eating habits leading to increase food and drink intake. An increase in weight can result from as little 50-60 calories a day in excess /or reduced physical activity , the consequence of which s over 2.4 kg increase in weight by the end of one year, as stated by (House of Commons Health Select committee 2004;WHO,2006). Normally, student from university are busy with their assignments, tests, and cocurriculums and this made them lack of time of sleep. Our research also focus on effects of lack of sleep which causes sleep deprivation, emotional and difficult to focus during lecture. Stated by (Zammit et al,1999; Sateria et al,2000; Akerstedt and Nilsson, 2003), poor quality and quantity of sleep are associated with reduced daily occupational function and quality of life. This statement proves that lack of sleep can cause students difficult to focus well during lecture. Besides that, Bonnet and Arand (1995), said that if sleep is reduced by as little as 1.3-1.5 hours in one night’s worth of sleep, the resultant reduction in daytime alertness can be much as 32% and once again previous research proved that lack of sleep can reduce the daily performance. Apart from that, Neckelmann (2007) , found that lack of sleep or insomnia has been found to be a factor in the incidence of anxiety disorders or emotional. Besides that, Akerstedt et al (2002) found that the inability to stop worrying about work during...
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