Effects of Unemployment

Topics: Unemployment, Great Depression, Minimum wage Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: December 13, 2012
In west countries,the world “unemployment” has been heard frequently.The phenomenon of joblessness has become a serious problem along with the depression economics. A large number of people, including lots of college graduates, are fired or have to stay at home. Obviously, unemployment has brought about unfavorable effects on individuals and society.

It is the fact that most of the unemployed are young people.They may suffer from the patient of lower wages and high unemployment rates.Not only do their living standards decline,but also interpersonal relationships are seriously affected. An unemployed has lost the self-respect and the personal influence among the employment personnel. Worse,facing with the possibility of colleagues’ refused,they tends to lose their self-esteem and self-confidence.Consequently,the people who lose their jobs could be afflicted with emotional blow.

Additionally,it is joblessness that causes a decrease in social stability and national economy.Firstly, family members do not have enough salaries to support their lives and pay for children’s tution fees.As a result , risen have divorce rates.Apart from this,it is inevitable that people without a job will commit crime ,such as robbery and theft,to vent dissatisfaction of society and government. Secondly, the more unemployed people appear,the less tax revenues would be.More specifically, industrial could not develop well by cutting down workers,which attribute to the decrease in the gross national product (GNP),reducing with the tax. Finally, exports and imports are both influenced by unemployment because of the declining sales of products sold abroad.

Overall,individuals,families and society have been effected by joblessness at varied extent.Although this situation may last for a period of time ,it is imperative for governmenr to take actions to provide more job opportunities and boost its economics.
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