Effects of Typhoon

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Plant, Flood Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Rafael L. Mendoza Jr.
Essay II
Five years ago, I went through an unforgettable experience of a typhoon. The typhoon “Pepeng” killed a lot of people in Villasis, a town in the Philippines. I will never forget how the flood came up very quick. The water level inside our house was above 5 feet. It wouldn’t happen if the dam didn’t release too much water cause by the typhoon. Luckily, our house has second floor. Around 19-25 tropical cyclones enter the Philippines in a typical year. I had encountered a lot of typhoon since I was a child. The typhoon affected living creatures and properties. People, animals, and plants can be killed during typhoon. First, flooding can be the reasons for humans to get drown because of a high level of water. The bad weather can also give them sickness such as fever, common cold and malaria, which is a serious infectious disease spread by certain mosquitoes. A few of them suffered from trauma after the typhoon. Trauma is a type of damage to the mind that causes a person to be precisely afraid of something. For instance, a thunderstorm which is a sign of typhoon can cause someone to be frightened because of his or her typhoon experience. Then, animals get executed by the typhoon. When the small animals and food supplies disappear or get killed by the typhoon, it affects the larger animals for the reason that they can’t longer find enough food. Lastly, plant life can simply be swept away. Even trees cannot withstand the absolute force of a typhoon’s strength. All natural disasters have something to left when it was gone. Mostly, a typhoon can sweep away a farmland full of crops and it can cause mudslide. If it’s not meat from the animals, it is from the plants that we produce food. Unfortunately, crops are swept away after a strong hit of a typhoon. One effect of this is a shortage of food. If food shortage happened, the prices of food will get higher because of a lack of production. Finally, the strength of a wind and an unstoppable...
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