Effects of Tv

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Effects of TV
Television is one of the effective media used to promote all kinds of products. Unsupervised television watching in children can lead to early exposure to things they may not understand or may misinterpret. Television advertisements may influence the children to resort to improper measures. Commercials about fast foods, cold drinks or other such products that are not good for health, are bound to leave an impact on children watching them. Attractively presented advertisements and film stories deeply impact young minds, thus influencing the thoughts and behavior of children. It has a severely negative impact on the minds of the watchers Spending too much time watching television, consumes the precious time that can rather be spent in fruitful and healthy activities like exercise or reading. It also uses up the time that you can rather spend with your family and friends. Chatting with your near ones, spending time with your close ones is a better expenditure of time than in watching TV Children today watch television for long hours. Many a time, they spend their evenings watching their favorite programs on TV. At times they stay up late to watch films. This activity adds to their sedentary hours. The addiction to television deprives them of their time to play. Children should rather engage in physical activities during the evenings. They should go to the open spaces to play with friends or spend time reading some good books. Moreover, watching television is detrimental to one's eyesight. These activities can help them live a healthier living. Studies in psychology have shown that watching intense emotions on television leaves a long-lasting impact on one's mind. Horror scenes, ghosts, frightful scenes that are featured on television have a negative impact on the minds of people watching them. Violence, murder, bloodshed and physical abuse that is shown on television impacts the thoughts and emotions of the spectators.

In today’s society,...
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