Effects of Too Much Tv

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Effects of too much TV

Discoveries and invention of new devices are always embraced, until we humans find a way to abuse its advantages and be negatively affected by it. TV was also invented with positive thoughts in mind. However watching TV is one of the major sociological issues of this century. Too much TV causes many effects on the physiology and psychology of people.

One of the physiological effects of watching TV in excessive amounts is eye-strain. It is true that there are guidelines for watching TV such as the, TV should be at least 5 meters away from the eye, the room should be well lit, and the TV should be placed at the same height as the eyes. However these do not prevent the eyes from getting tired if we constantly keep watching TV. Another adverse effect is obesity, which is thoroughly overlooked in people who like watching TV and eating snacks everyday. The funny thing is is that they actually have snacks for eating in front of the TV called “TV Dinners”. Since TV is without a doubt an extremely powerful machine, people can’t get away from it because it is so addictive. Other than the physiological effects, TV also causes psychological effects. There are many psychological effects.The first result is being exposed to too much TV is more violence. After viewing these violent scenes on TV. People start contemplating violent actions as normal and they lose their responsiveness to their environment. Being aware of the suffering of other people causes people to become isolated. Hence, the personal communication among people declines. Being aware of the suffering of other people causes people to become isolated. Also, after coming home from work people plan to relax in front of the TV, and usually people prefer watching TV rather than talking to each other. As a result this is one biggest causes of divorce, no personal communication .

All in all, inventions are meant to be helpful for humans, if we know how to correctly benefit from...
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