Effects of the Triangular Trade

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The Effects of the Triangular Trade

I. Africa:
1. Depopulation:
A. Males 15-25, who were the creative, productive, inventive & skilled segment of the population, were taken. = Less protection B. This was the group most likely to have children C. Wars and raiding caused death

D. Africans started to migrate from their homelands and move from the coast to the interior E. Caused cultural damage

2. Violence:
A. Wars were started with the introduction of guns and the need to supply slaves to escape slavery themselves B. The violence and instability still exists today in Africa C. It caused a division between tribes

D. Violence also caused economic problems, as trade stopped between certain groups. E. Africa was weakened by the slave trade; therefore, it was easier for Europeans to colonize it.

3. Economic Problems:
A. Businesses did not plan for the future, as the future was uncertain. B. Business and trade development were hampered. Sometimes cotton and iron were exchanged, between the Europeans & African Tribes. This hurt local businesses, which provided the same products. C. Loss of workers for guns, alcohol and luxury goods, which did not help the continent’s economic development.

4. Racism:
A. Africans were thought of as the inferior race and only as commodities, not human beings B. The Europeans’ justification was that they were bringing them to a better place C. Racism stemming from the slave trade has been passed down through generations and still exists today.

5. Sierra Leone (1787) & Liberia (1820s):
A. These 2 African countries formed as settlements for ex-slaves. B....
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