Effects of the Crusades

Topics: Middle Ages, Crusades, Europe Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Effects of the Crusades
The Crusades started by going to Jerusalem to take the Holy Land back from the Turks. (EdHelper, 2006) Despite the many attempts, this goal had not been reached. The Crusaders did bring many effects on western culture, however. The effects that the Crusades had on western culture were: feudalism, trade, and commerce. The Crusades contributed to increase the wealth of the church and the power of the Papacy. The Papacy had been the authority of the pope. This expectedly nurtured their authority and influence by accustoming the people to look up to them as guides and leaders. (Alchin, 2012) Thousands of returning soldiers sought shelter, and donated the goods they have received from battle. The Crusades helped to undermine and break down feudalism by increasing the authority of the kings. (Donn) Thousands of barons and knights mortgaged or sold their lands in order to raise money for the special taxes levied by the king to offset the cost of the crusades. Also, some of the nobles gave their servants a chance to buy out their freedom. (Donn) This money would help to buy their armor and weapons. The young men who could buy their way out of feudal obligation joined the crusades. (Donn) Their feudal obligations would be to provide aid and counsel to their lords, as the lords were obligated to provide protection and maintenance to his vassal. (Lawson, 2013) A lot of the young men died, which reduced the work force. The nobles that died in battle without having a kin to take their place had suffered for nothing. Their belongings, farms, and properties were all passed to the king. (Alchin, 2012) Private warfare, which was common during the Middle Ages, started to die down as the feudal lords left for the Holy Land. Another effect the Crusades had on western culture had been trade. The crusades brought back a lot of luxury goods. These items were instantly popular throughout Western Europe. In order for Western Europe to get more of...
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