Effects of Texting in Filipino Culture

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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“The Filipinos love to talk and to interact, thus the penchant for gossip, telebabad (the habit of engaging in long, often senseless conversations over the telephone) and, this time, text messaging. The Filipinos are heavy users, not due to big businesses, but because it is one form of entertainment. Filipinos love talking. Filipinos love interacting so much he is using text messaging as a medium" ( 2000).

It would be an understatement to say that text messaging, or texting, has revolutionized communication in the Philippines. It has successfully entrenched itself into the unique Filipino lifestyle, becoming an indispensable part of every Filipino’s life. Arguably, the most stellar contribution the cellphone has had in contemporary Filipino life is when it played a crucial role in galvanizing support for the EDSA 2, heralding its importance in today’s Philippine society. ( 2001) It used to be that the cellphone was a status symbol; however, the rapid advances in telecommunications technology has enabled virtually anyone access to this technology due to the affordable price of the phones as well as the services it offers. Interestingly, it is not the calls which are bringing in the sales, rather, it is the text messaging function which has been raking in all the income. And it sure does make economic sense. Figure this out, calls on landline phones cost about P5.00 for three minutes, while calls made to cell phones cost P9 per minute. However, text messages, about 160 characters long, cost only a peso per message (2001). To better appreciate its popularity, in 1998 alone, more than eighteen million text messages were transmitted in the country daily. ( 2001) The youth have been quick to catch up with this technology. It has, unofficially, become the status symbol of Filipino youth, who are now far more knowledgeable about a cellphone’s latest features than their parents. Moreover, it has definitely created a unique venue among young Filipinos,...
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