Effects of Television

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  • Published : June 27, 2009
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Television is one of the major inventions of the twentieth century. It can be very helpful or harmful to the society. I believe it is more harmful than helpful. In my opinion young upcoming generation is misusing television for what it is not intended for. Young kids are watching television and are adopting bad habits and it is affecting their upbringing along with their behavior. Altogether it is not a good influence on young kids and should be enforced by rating and more programs that will help them get the best use of it.

There are too many bad effects of television on kids and society. One of the major affects it has on kids is violence. One of the major running cartoons is the Simpsons and it is full of violence. Kids tend to act on those and they end up doing violent things. Next there is the issue of sight and that is affected by constant watching of television for hours and hours in a day. Watching television for extended periods of time has a bad effect on a person’s eyesight. Then you have the issue of a person’s health being affected by sitting in front of a television instead of movement that will keep them healthy. They could be exercising, playing outdoor games, and even going for a walk instead of sitting in front of the television. Another effect is on their learning by watching meaningless television shows that has no addition to their knowledge at all. An example of that are the sitcoms like Seinfeld which have nothing that is creative for a young kid to learn. It effects their social development because they have no connection with the reality and are kept away from it. With these factors I believe that the television is harmful for kids for their upbringing.

In conclusion I believe that television is very harmful for kids in many ways. It makes kids violent and they tend to act out in violence. It affects their eyesight by constant extended time spent in front of the television. It causes people to be lazy. Also people are not learning...
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