Effects of Technology

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  • Published : October 22, 2010
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Effects of Technology
"TECHNOLOGY" - this word is derived from Greek word "technology",--techno--> an art, skill or craft and --loggia-->the study of something or branch of knowledge of a discipline. Famous Poet Thoreau once said 'improved means to an unimproved end'. There is no escape from technology. In most cases this is not a problem though. Many people respect and admire technology because it is there to benefit them. Without the technological advances we have had over the years, the world would not be what it is today. With the advancement in technology, human life is more comfortable like never before. There is almost no place that you can go where technology hasn’t been used. Technology affects our daily lives in everything that we do; it saves time (time is money-more so these days), creates a world of endless learning and makes travelling to halfway around the world effortless. Technology has effected in almost every single respect one can think of, be it communication, entertainment, studies, industrialization, food industry, social efforts, business, education, comfort, luxury, efficiency etc. are to name a few in good ways one thinks. What people don’t understand is that technology can actually be a bad thing. Technology has helped increase the speed of communication and decrease its cost. However, at the same time it has caused people to become more impersonal with each other. In earlier times the major form of communication was for people to visit each other and go to public meeting places. One of the next major advances was the telephone. Due to the telephone people no longer went to the public meeting places as often as they used to. As time goes on, new advances still allow people to contact and communicate with each other more easily. These advances such as facsimile, beepers and email, although seemingly making life easier, each help to decrease the earlier forms of communication. In some businesses email is the main way of...
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