Effects of Technology

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Effects of Technology
New technology is being discovered all the time, and because of the discoveries people

are capable of playing a more active role in people’s life. People no longer wait for a letter to be

delivered by the postman; they can simply log onto a computer, and read an email, or text

message on a cell phone. Photomarts are becoming extinct because of the digital cameras, and

those old photo albums that parents pull out at every family holiday are becoming a thing of the

past, thanks, to the digital picture frame.

Technology is changing at a remarkable pace, and people must stay current with these

changes or they will get left behind, quickly. The amount of money that people spend on

new gadgets can be expensive, and it does prevent some people from acquiring the latest

inventions. With new items coming out all the time, upgrade must be made regularly just to

keep up. Consumers spend outrageous amounts of money to stay tech-savvy.

Staying in touch with friends and family has never been more convenient, but people are

losing important insight to the reason some of the technology was created in the first place. The

cell phone for example, speaking to someone anytime of the day no matter where they are

has never be simpler, but instead texting is the new rage. Children have no desire to play

outside because they prefer sitting in their room playing a video game. As a result of these

inventions, people are becoming a sedentary society.
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