Effects of Tablets on Studying

Topics: IPhone, Tablet, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Pages: 3 (609 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Chapter 1

Background of the Study
With the introduction and success of the iPhone, the portable device has market has been on a steady boom. Apple soon released the Ipad tablet and again it was a success. It has opened the doors for other makers like Samsung, HTC, Linux, and more developers. Now there are so many choices for tablets, from Apple, Samsung, and even Chinese brands like Hai. This global popularity of the portable device market has also reached the Philippines. The country has embraced this love of portable devices to the point that some schools in the country encourage students to use tablets as an alternative to books and notebooks. In UERM, portable devices can be seen in every classroom, as PT students use them for school and non-school related purposes. Tablets and smartphones are the most popular. Tablets like the Ipad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab are two of the most popular brands, but there are other tablets seen in campus. For smartphones, you have those that are powered by Linux, which are called Android phones, Samsung’s Galaxy series, and of course the Iphone. The researchers wanted to study the advantages and disadvantages of using tablets and smartphones for PT students. The first and second year students of UERM Physical Therapy department were chosen as subjects for the study. All of the students have different ways of studying; some have difficulty in reading books and writing notes, and would rather study with tablets, androids or smartphones. Using these portable devices, they can easily capture notes and search for school related literature with ease. The researchers would like to know if books or portable devices would be more efficient in their studies for Physical Therapy. Objectives of the study:

1. To inform incoming PT students the technological devices they can invest on. 2.To determine the most efficient ways of studying with the tablet or android. 3. To determine if tablets or androids will be cheaper than...
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