Effects of Stroke

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Effects of a Stroke

I remember the day like it was yesterday, my grandma had experienced a stroke. I remember my dad calling my grandparents’ house to speak with my grandpa, but when my grandma answered with a confused tone my dad knew something wasn’t quite right. She was unable to speak clear and could not respond to a question with a logical answer. After my dad had realized my grandma had a stroke he immediately called an ambulance and rushed to her house to make sure she was okay.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctors discovered that a colt had formed in an artery in her brain causing her stroke. They kept her in the hospital for a few days and put her on a strict diet to try to prevent another stroke from occurring. After my grandma was released from the hospital, she started getting back to her routine at home. Being the stubborn person she is, she did not want to continue on the diet the doctors suggested her; she would say that the food had no taste and she wanted something good. As a family, we tried our best to make her stick to the doctors’ orders but she did what she wanted. After about a year and a half of sticking with the healthy diet, and only allowing a special meal occasionally, my grandma had another stroke. This time my grandpa was home and saw what was happening. This time at the hospital they told her this stroke was smaller and less harmful but they still wanted to watch her. When she was released from the hospital this time around, she became determined that she was going to become healthier and make smarter choices with her meals. Today, about two years since her stroke, she is much healthier and is continuing to stay on her diet.

My uncle has also had a stroke at the age of forty-five, something my family and I never imagined would happen. He lives in Minnesota so it was difficult for us, because we couldn’t drop everything and head there. We were in constant contact with his girlfriend and we found out that the cause...
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