Effects of Stress Among Adolescents Nowadays

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Sample Argumentative Essay Question:

Nowadays we can see the trend of more and more people choose not to get married and remain single for the rest of their life. They gave various reasons for their decision. In your opinion, do you agree with the idea of being single? Write 500 words argumentative essay based on the main points below.

Opinion: Agreed

1.Opposing Argument- those who disagreed said that you will become sad and lonely

Rebuttal- you can have friends and pets to keep you happy and not lonely

2.Opposing Argument- opponents said that nobody will take care of you when you are old

Rebuttal- you can join nursing home or employ caretaker to care for you

3.Opposing Argument- opponents said that married people can decide better

Rebuttal - being single, you have freedom to make decision

Sample Essay

Ten or twenty years ago, if you ask young working adults who are still single, what would be their next plan? We are sure that majority of them would reply that they wish to settle down, get married and start a family. Fast-forward to nowadays, if you pose the same question to the previous group, more and more will reveal that they abandon the idea of marriage and focus on their career and other responsibilities instead. This trend has raised the concern among the parents and authority because eventually it will affect the family institution which functions as the foundation of society. Despite of their growing apprehension towards the huge decision that the young adolescent took, I believe that they should be allowed to live their life according to the choice that they have made.

Those who opposed to decision argued that these single people eventually will remain solitary for the rest of their life and die as a sad lone old folk with nobody by the side. This is because they have no companion to keep them company such as spouses and children. However, this is such a conservative idea. A single person does not equal to lonely person since there are many other people that can give merriment in life like friends and relatives. To ward off loneliness too they can keep pets such as dogs and cats which can a therapeutic step too. According to Dr. Judith Siegel, pet owners with AIDS are far less likely to suffer from depression than those are without pets (2008). In some cases, single peoples are known to adopt children and they have their own happy family.

Next, the opponents of the notion of single life claimed that once those who hold to this idea reach the old age, they would be no one who is going to take care of them. This will become worse if they are suffering from illnesses as elder people are prone to various ailments. Despite of this grim situation, single people should not be worried as they still can be admitted to old folks home when they become old. They will receive better care as these nursing homes are run by professional management. In addition they will not be alone as there will be many other residents whom are more than willing to keep their company. Plus they will be luckier than those parents who are left on their own by their children. So who says married life can guarantee happiness.

People can say that sometimes two head is better than one heads. This is because married couple may have more ideas in order to make decision because each can see in different perspective. However this can lead to constant fights and arguments which soon later turn into a divorce decision. As stated by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development), in 2010 there is one divorce occurred for every 15 minutes. This can be ironic that this is the only decision that they can agreed with. For single peoples, this is not a problem as they can decide their course on their own and live their carefree life without worrying about satisfying the other party.

Hence, this essay stressed that the idea of single life is not such a bad idea at all despite the...
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