Effects of Stress

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Checkpoint: Effect of Stress
Justa M.White
Psy 210
University of Phoenix Axia College

Checkpoint: Effect of Stress
You are currently an associate at an advertising agency where you have worked for two years. You are pursuing a promotion to the position of advertising executive. While you have expected to put in extra hours and some added responsibility as part of earning the promotion, your boss has increased your workload significantly, including some projects which had been assigned to other associates. You have more deadlines than you think you can meet plus the creative pressure of creating new and innovative material for your campaigns. 1. What steps of general adaption syndrome will I experience? I think that the first step of general adaption syndrome that I myself as well as other individuals would experience and face would be the fight of flight reaction. This is where our bodies would trigger an alarm that would tell your body to get ready to fight or run from the threatening stressor or some other form of danger. 2. What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce? The emotional and cognitive effects that might be produced by this type of stressor are as follows but not limited to: Anxiety, Anger, the feeling of worthlessness as well as depression. A cognitive effect might be something like this: This may cause someone to have a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. It could cause great difficulty remembering thing and solving problems. I believe that this could cause a great amount of excess anxiety. 3. If this stress continues, how might it affect my health? I believe that if this stress continues it will affect my health in many ways with great forces. These could range from but not limited to headaches, coronary heart disease. I really would not overlook the tension headaches that could be a cause of this stress. I also believe that it could cause anxiety attacks from the high levels of...
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