Effects of Stereotyping

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OFFICAL NAME: Republic of Senegal
FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Multiparty republic with two legislative houses (Senate -100; National Assembly -150) HEAD OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT: President: Macky Sall, assisted by prime minister: Abdoul Mbaye. CAPITAL: Dakar

POPULATION: (2011 est.) 12, 644, 000
Urban- rural population: Urban (2009) 42.6%. Rural: (2009) 57.4% SPORTS
Senegal has one of the most active national sports scenes in the West Africa. Dakar has hosted all Africa Games and several Africa cup football (soccer) championships. The country has national men’s and women’s football and basketball teams that rank among the best in Africa. Traditional Africa wrestling is also extremely popular, and they are best- CITATION

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(Senegal flag of )

Senegal’s climate is conditioned by the tropical latitude of the country and by the seasonal migration of intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ). The dry winds, sometimes called the dry monsoon, consist of the northeast trade winds. Beginning in June with the northward passage of the ITCZ, these winds usher in the summer monsoon. As the ITCZ returns southward begins in September, the rainy season draws to a close. Its winter is cool, with minimum temperature reaching about 17 Celsius in January; maximum temperature in May do not exceed 27 Celsius. The rains begin in June, reach their height in August, and cease in October. The average annual rainfall is about 20inches (500mm). (Senegal- Britannica Online Encyclopedia) RELIGION

Islam is the religion of the vast majority of the population, practiced through involvement in groups known as Muslim brotherhoods. A small segment of the population that follows traditional religions. Christianity is practiced by a growing, but still very small population. Christianity came to the region beginning in 1486, and the contact was renewed with the arrival in 1819 of some of the order of St. Joseph of Cluny. Most followers are Roman Catholic, and the small numbers of Protestants are largely immigrants’ from Europe. (Senegal- Britannica Online Encyclopedia) PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION

The transport network has developed primarily in the western part of the country within the area bounded by Saint-Louis, Kaolack, and Dakar. The rail system, which is being rehabilitated and expanded, includes a line from Saint-Louis to Dakar, with a branch line running from Louya inland to Lingerer, and a line from Dakar to the Niger River at Koulikoro, Mail. Locomotives are run entirely on diesel fuel. Senegal’s three seaports are Kaolack, Ziguinchor, and Dakar. Only Dakar is an internal port; the others are limited to handling local traffic. The international airport of Dakar-Yoff near Dakar is served by a number of airlines, including Air Senegal. Its three runways can accommodate any kind of aircraft. Airports at Saint-Louis and several other cities provide domestic service. (Senegal- Britannica Online Encyclopedia) COMMUNICATION

Senegal has strong, reliable telephone system, especially in urban areas. Sonatel, the national telecommunication company...
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