Effects of Stereotypes on Gender Roles

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Gender identity Pages: 6 (2178 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The Effects of Gender Roles
Kayla Keidel
Research Design
Ohio Valley University

Gender roles are an expression of society’s thought on how a man or woman should be. This is shown by individuals having pressure from the people in society telling them how they need to act, dress, look, and be. In this paper gender stereotypes will be discussed this will consist the role they play in what is expected of men and women according to society, the male and the female breadwinners for their families and their expectations of one another and their selves. The main purpose of this paper is to view the tradition gender roles and the contemporary or equal gender roles combined them together and this will help people perceive themselves in a more positive manner. Another topic that will be addressed is ways to prevent stereotypes and finding ways to overcome the stereotypes. After reviewing the above topics the procedure will be looked at. The procedure consists of a random sample, fifty question questionnaire, (that is given to two hundred college students with the intent of getting one hundred questionnaires back) and collecting and reviewing data. When the results come in from the questionnaire there will be two faculty members who will view the results.

Ronald F. Levant stated in his article “Gender Equality and The New Psychology of Men: Comment on “The Politics of Gender in Family Therapy”” said that most people do not know the role that gender ideologies has played in their personality development and the influence it has on them in their everyday lives and their futures (pg. 439). Today’s society has a major effect on how people perceive themselves and each other. One of the reasons for this is because sex roles have been focused on the social process, stereotyping and experiences that are relevant to an individual’s life (Berenbaum, Blakemore, & Beltz, 2011). Society plays a major role in saying what a man and woman should be capable of and what they should not be capable of. Most of society today believes that a man should be the primary source of income for a family and they typically cannot spend as much time with their family because of this role that society has given them. Women on the other had are expected to take care of the house, the kids, the cleaning and the cooking, while obtaining a full time job (if they so choose). These roles and expectations that society has put on men and women can be overbearing and can put so much stress on an individual, especially woman. In the article “Do young women expect gender equality in their future lives? An answer from a possible selves experiment’ by Janell C. Fetterolf and Alice H. Eagly it says “due to greater domestic demands, women’s efforts to balance employment and family roldes can be stressful. Research has shown that women, more often then men, experience exhaustion, or ‘burnout,’ due to conflict between their career and family.” (2011). Another similar quote is from ‘Are gender differences in self-reported rumination explained by women’s stereotyping?’ by Janice Yoder is “Depression is linked not only to different prevalence rates for women and men, but also to gendered expectations for women and regarding femininity.” (2011). This shows an example of how women push themselves to unhealthy limits to be successful in all that they do. Men also do the same thing to achieve some of their goals that they feel they have to. According to Donnalyn Pompper the author of “Masculinities, the Metrosexual, and Media Images: Across Dimensions of Age and Ethnicity” (2010) “being masculine has meant having ‘a particular psychological identity, social role, cultural script, place in the labor force.” This definition was introduced in the 1970s. Because most men and women feel like they need to live up to society’s expectations they seem to have a gender role conflict if they do not meet what is expected of them. A gender role conflict is...
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