Effects of Social Problems Symptoms

Topics: Adolescence, Sociology, Term Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The symptoms of social problems among teenagers in this day will give you an impression of the enormous impact and in the individual, society and the State. Teens on this day is the main asset and it is essential in the development of the country at the time to come. Effect of long term and short term will surely apply if teenagers and society on this day does not know how to menanganani problems that exacerbated the tapered, this makes the formation of identity and the glory of the morals of our society's eyes fragile self.Morals is mirrored themselves for personal and individual. If the individual has a bad character, then that personal individual will also be bad. Teens who have bad attitudes, and may give the impression to oneself, family, community, and country.

One employee who was born this mortal circle like a white cloth sesuci no kotoranya, it is it is up on the individual it how he wants to mencorakkan his life. Individuals who mencorakkan himself with a good character will be seen noble and high, as opposed to the individual who mencorakkan himself with negative things will be perceived by the public and angle dicemuh round. For someone who had the title of Muslims are predominantly teens, good morals should be decorated with the things of faith and devotion to God. Instead, the muslim teenager kebanyankkan on today is not in accordance with the teachings of islam, by contrast, Nations and religions humiliating the country. Cannot be disclaimed warranties are also symptoms of social impression this gives a deep impression on a person's teens.

Families play a role that is very important because of the happiness and harmony of the institution of kekeluargaanlah something that society was formed. The collapse of the family institution will cause a loss of happiness and harmony experienced something of the community. The morals of an individual good and noble juveniles comes from a family institution that harmony and happy. Therefore, the collapse...
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