Effects of Social Networking Sites

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Effects of Social Networking Sites
The implementation of social networking sites has changed how the average person communicates with others. Studies show that the average person spends at least nine hours a week surfing and posting on social network sites (http://socialnetworking.procon.org/). In fact, using social networking sites has not only improved our communication skills, but has had a negative impact as well.

One of the many pros and cons to communicating on a networking site is the ability to “stay connected.” When a student graduates, a loved one moves, or a career changes, everyone wants to keep up with people they have grown to care for. Being on a social networking site, you can “friend request” people you know to keep up with their day to day actions. This ensures we don’t miss out on parts of someone’s life where we want to be included. Increasing the communication you have with someone, even online, strengthens your relationship. Unfortunately, being able to “stay connected” has kept thousands connected in a less than personal way. Networking sites entice people to stay online and spend less face-to-face time with others. So, you may be connecting to friends and family, but you are being distracted by the time wasting activities and applications the site supplies. Your mother doesn’t really care if you reached level ten in the Adventures of Indiana Jones on Facebook. She wants to know how you are doing in your classes at school.

Another way networking sites are affecting society is evident in the ability to find new people. Making new friends can be a wonderful thing. Consider the following scenario, you are interested in a certain musician and find their “page” on your networking site. On that same page are many others that have that common interest. Befriending these new people provides a new outlet for expression. A family member or friend may not like the same artist, but finding this new friend gives the ability to have someone to talk...
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