Effects of Social Networking on Business Communications

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Effects of Social Networking on Business Communications

This paper explores the impact of social networking sites on business communications. Social networking is defined by Pearlson and Saunders (2010) and the shift of social networking sites from a personal hobby to invaluable business tools. The importance of social networking as a business strategy is presented by Qualman (2009) and establishes the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the medium. Other publications help to illustrate the widespread usage of specific social networking sites and how each has radically altered various business activities such as employee networking and recruiting, the use of messaging capabilities to build deeper customer relationships, and the potential offered by the opportunity to reach as many as 500 million customers worldwide in real-time. Keywords: social networking

Pearlson and Saunders (2010) define social networking sites as online services that allow members to create profiles with information about themselves and connect with other individuals that share common interests and expertise. While social networking sites began as methods for people to express their individuality and keep in touch with others, they have developed into communication tools that allow businesses to connect directly with the widespread audiences these sites provide and benefit from the immediacy and intimacy of these contacts. This paper will provide information that illustrates the importance of social networking as a business communication tool and an overview of the features offered by three of the most popular sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) with examples of how companies are integrating the use of these sites into their communication strategies. Qualman (2009) establishes the importance of social networking by citing a 2008 study by internet research company Hitwise that found social networking sites had overtaken pornography sites as the most popular...
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